PFR Nord


About Us

PFR Nord GmbH is a member of the Mensing Group, was founded in 2013
and stands for sustainable production and best quality of hot washed PET flakes.

We use state-of-the-art plant technology for the separation of recyclable materials,
in order to achieve qualities with the highest degree of purity. For this reason
we work in partnership with the companies Herbold, Bühler, Tomra, and Steinert
who are committed to continuous development just like we are.

Our corporate strategy is to use modern technology equally of economic
and ecological aspects.
In this way, we want to contribute to taking responsibility for present and
future generations.

.000 t

Annual capacity PET Flakes

.000 m2

Production and storage area

PET Flakes – coloured, clear, light blue

PFR produces PET flakes from disposable and returnable bottles as well as a PE/PP regrind from the caps.

PE/PP regrind

Recycling of PET disposable post-consumer and returnable bottles

Whether you are a mineral water bottler, a retailer, a counting center, or a waste management company, PFR will accept your PET beverage bottles.The bottles can be accepted loose, briquetted or in bales. In addition, we also accept your preforms in Big bags or Octabins.

We are happy to be your partner for the sustainable processing of your PET bottles.

Sustainable. Environmentally friendly. Progressive.