PFR Nord

Energy management

We are committed to protecting the environment, conserving energy, and complying with applicable legal and other requirements related to energy efficiency. Our policy is to maintain and continuously improve energy-related performance and the energy management system. For example, in 2019, a photovoltaic system was installed on PFR's rooftops. The electricity produced is used entirely by PFR for its production facility, reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

Environment & Social

Through our cooperation with the Landesverein für "Innere Mission" in Schleswig-Holstein for the promotion of people with disabilities, we offer support opportunities for integration into the workplaces. We also make a significant contribution to the cleaning of the grounds outside the company, so that we can always be a responsible and environmentally aware recycler for the surrounding area and its people. Furthermore, together with the Hohenwestedt municipal works, we have planted part of the outdoor areas of the industrial estate with wildflowers to attract bee colonies and provide an optimal habitat.


Success through our employees The close cooperation between management and employees results in the willingness to continuously design our products and processes with a view to the future. Often, the success of PFR lies in its innovative strength, which benefits our customers and the environment in the long term.

• give our employees space, so that they can develop
• encourage them to take their own initiative to improvern
• support teamwork
• enable job rotation
• are loyal to our employees
• invest in technical equipment e.g.: De- dust removal equipment and work protection material
• support home office workplaces
• have created a working group to minimize the risk of infections


The environmentally friendly handling of raw materials and the sustainable use of our products is important to us.Through far-sighted and considerate raw material recovery and the resulting reduction of waste and emissions, we make a significant contribution to the environment. Already, a large part of our products goes back into beverage bottle applications, optimizing the reuse of raw materials and closing the bottle-to-bottle loop. To ensure our high-quality standards, our products are continuously analyzed, tested and verified in our in-house laboratory to meet our customers' requirements.